Vietnam Pictures from March 1970-71


I served in Viet Nam between From March of 1970 until March of 1971. In that time I was first, Company Commander of Headquarters Company, 4th Transportation Command, then Night Operations officer at the American seaport known as Newport. For the last five months of my tour I was temporary CO of the Harborcraft Company and when replaced by a more senior officer, Captain Thomas E. Bowman, became his Executive officer. The pictures may open slowly. I've tried to keep the size large to enhance the available details, especially on the Tug Boat shots. If you recognize anyone or anything in a photo, please let me know. If you served with HHC 4th TC or with US Army Harborcraft Company (Provisional) please also let me know. I plan to continue scanning the hundreds of pictures I have from that time and adding them to the web site. No sense having the pictures just sit in a box somewhere.

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